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Your single source for Apple and everything else.

We supply the products you select for your clients so you can focus on supporting their businesses and growing yours.

Why work with us?

One text/email/call from you, and MDS will supply Apple, Meraki, Adobe, Microsoft, Synology, Ubiquiti, and more. We’ll source from multiple vendors, track and deliver when and how you specify. We’ll enroll warranties, supply licenses, and even secure financing - so you’re ready to deploy.

Who, Where, How?

Businesses with 500 employees or a single home user. If you can support them, we can support you. We run our operations from the New York City metropolitan area, but we ship product from multiple locations across the country to any destination in the lower 48 states.

Risks? None

We do not provide end-user consulting and services. You do. We support independent consultants and supply the IT products your clients require. You maintain control from start to finish. We work for you.

We understand your business model – it’s not retail and it’s not corporate sales!

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